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Our main objectives are: Simplify, reduce costs, without compromising quality and safety. With that in mind, we created a modern and minimalist template that is pre-made and customizable according to your needs. To learn more, browse our website and see the various possibilities that can be ready in less than 24 hours after hiring. And you can easily edit them yourself by following our short tutorials and you will be able to create your website, blog or small eCommerce in less than 59 minutes. Don’t waste time, buy it now and give it a UP on your project. Choose model now
Ruddernet has one of the lowest costs on the market. If you have a registered domain name, your showcase website, blog or personal page protected with an SSL certificate, contact form and 1 corporate email account costs just $5.99 per month only ($71.88) per year and you can split it up to 12 installments without interest on your credit card. If you don’t have a domain name registered yet, you can use our complete promotional package for only $6.60 per month ($79.20) divided into up to 12 installments without interest on your credit card. Our virtual store plan integrated with Woocommerce, which is used by more than 5 million users worldwide, costs only $7.99 monthly, an annual cost of only $95.88 divided into 12 installments on the credit card (guaranteed to keep the same amount when re-hiring for 03 years).Take advantage of our offer. 
Yes, our websites are optimized using the best practices in the market so that your domain name spreads quickly in the main search engines like google, bing, among others. We provide sharing icons and quick access to all the main social networks, and you can enable whichever one you want to use with just one click. Soon we will have advertising plans for affiliates get in touch and learn more.
Ruddernet works with a variety of websites to better serve your needs in the virtual world, from the simplest online showcase websites, to advertising news portals, schools and distance learning portals. If you haven’t found the modality you’re looking for in our ecommerce, get in touch and request a quote.
Ruddernet guarantees our customers a fixed amount equal to the purchase price for 03 years upon renewal. If there is a readjustment after 01 year of any contracted services or plans, just contact us and request a discount coupon to renew your services.
Every system, website or app needs constant updates and improvements so that it can continue to function without failures or interruptions, many of these improvements are carried out on servers and security services without interrupting customer service at times of lower traffic. These updates are very important to maintain proper functioning and security. We at Ruddernet are always working and updating our systems with the newest and most recent technologies of frameworks, security and optimizations existing in the market. In this regard, in order to maintain the quality and availability of services and facilitate payment to customers, we opted for installments of up to 12 interest-free installments.

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